Plus: It’s easy to miss productivity opportunities outside of engineering; and, the disturbing inevitability that a platform we come to love must…
LEGO, layoffs, and what's next for me.
A story of industry transformation and the commodification of innovation.
Invention is insufficient.
A recap of interesting things from the week.
Yes, good eng managers can learn on the job and wear many hats, but embedding product and program know-how early can save a lot of pain.
What happens when a system that’s running “hot” runs into adversity?

December 2022

This will undoubtedly be the first of many times I talk about measurement, but let’s get this out of the way: the “productivity” we’re going to talk…
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December 2021

(Many disclaimers belong here, including, but not limited to: this probably applies differently or not at all in organizations without formal ladders…

January 2021

My job as an engineering manager requires a lot of reading. Every day, my browser gains a few more tabs as I open internal documents that people share…

November 2020

My time at Indeed focused on improving front-end development practices and tooling across product teams. It was a journey from stabilization to…